At Ember, our team of associates brings to bear their experience with iconic brands and large corporates in a practical, down to earth way. Each associate provides a bespoke service for their individual client, combining the strength of their business acumen with the support of the wider Ember team for marketing fulfilment and delivery where required. At Ember we brainstorm ideas and review work together, ensuring the highest calibre of marketing services. We are a team, not a recruitment house.

We are not just about the thinking

We also do the doing. Our design team, campaign/reasearch and content creation executives help the marketing directors bring to life their plans, quickly and effectively.

Our services

Ember associates have a wealth of experience in both B2B and B2C marketplaces. Having worked with household names and large corporates including BT, Microsoft, HP, Nestle.

Client Experience


Ember is a close, trusted part of our team – working alongside us whether it be strategically or tactically.


Nikki Singh-Barmi, Managing Director GRITIT



Our consultant from Ember shows a great willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise in an motivational and enthusiastic manner.


Ludovic Benistant – Marketing Manager Hytera UK



Personally I want to thank Robin for his professionalism, commitment, creativeness and ability to identify solutions to problems.


Chad Reese – Director Partner Demand Generation at CISCO



Contagious energy and quality results!


Nick Eades - Marketing Director, Nortel



Ember challenges the status quo to come up with creative marketing campaigns that deliver results!


Martin Pang - BT Director



As I operate within the cold extremes of the planet I aim to connect my journeys with a global audience. Ember has supported me in finding this audience. Their professional approach has allowed companies and organisations to understand why I explore - I am proud to have them as part of my team for the future.


Mark Wood - Explorer. Speaker. Educator

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